Behind the camera

“My goal is to be bet­ter tomor­row than today and ahead of others. This bene­fits all of my cus­to­mers.”

Behind Key­fra­me is expe­rienced ent­re­pe­neur and ent­husias­tic pho­to­grap­her Jaak­ko Nie­me­lä from Yli­vies­ka. He has a BA in Media Stu­dies and degrees in pho­to­grap­hy and mar­ke­ting. Key­fra­me is a RPAS regis­te­red com­pa­ny for dro­ne video pro­duc­tions.

The com­pa­ny was foun­ded in 2006, and in July 2020 it beca­me a limi­ted com­pa­ny.  Due to its long his­to­ry, Key­fra­me has a wide network of pro­fes­sio­nals enabling us to accept lar­ger and more chal­len­ging pro­duc­tions than befo­re.

Skills always up to date

A pho­to­grap­her or a cine­ma­to­grap­her needs various tech­nical skills, and nowa­days a big part of the job is done with com­pu­ters. Fil­ming and digi­tal edi­ting requi­re con­ti­nuo­us lear­ning which is of cour­se part of the fun.

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