Behind the camera

Behind Keyframe is experienced entrepeneur and enthusiastic photographer Jaakko Niemelä from Ylivieska. He has a BA in Media Studies and degrees in photography and marketing. Keyframe is a RPAS registered company for drone video productions.

The company was founded in 2006, and in July 2020 it became a limited company.  Due to its long history, Keyframe has a wide network of professionals enabling us to accept larger and more challenging productions than before.

Skills always up to date

A photographer or a cinematographer needs various technical skills, and nowadays a big part of the job is done with computers. Filming and digital editing require continuous learning which is of course part of the fun.

”My goal is to constantly update my skills and stay ahead of the competition that way. I feel that this is beneficial to all my customers.”

Jaakko Niemelä Keyframe Oy

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