Aerial photography with drone cameras

Aerial pho­tos and videos can be used to give a gene­ral idea of an area and to make loca­tions and dis­tances more clear. A dro­ne gua­ran­tees brand new viewing angles and adds a cine­ma­tic feel to cor­po­ra­te videos by int­ro­ducing the actual place from air. The­se ima­ges are popu­lar with house buil­ders, holi­day and tra­vel ser­vices.

As well as aerial pho­to­graphs and videos, we pro­vi­de buil­ding and roof ins­pec­tions. We can film out­door events with dro­nes from a safe dis­tance, avoi­ding flying abo­ve the audience.

We have dro­nes in three sizes and each came­ra can record 4K reso­lu­tion video and high-qua­li­ty pho­to­graphs. It is usual­ly easier to compre­hend lar­ge buil­dings and areas from air, and that’s why we use dro­nes for almost eve­ry pro­duc­tion. A dro­ne can fly as high as 120 meters abo­ve ground.

Filming with drones for 360° panoramic video

It is pos­sible to film 360° pano­ra­ma videos and add them to a vir­tual tour. Thus the viewer is able to get a compre­hen­si­ve pic­tu­re of an area or a buil­ding since details can be done vir­tual­ly.

The 3D models of buildings and areas done with drones

We crea­te 3D models of areas and buil­dings using pho­to­gram­met­ry. This is par­ticu­lar­ly uti­lized in the mar­ke­ting of resi­den­tial areas and pro­per­ties. Read more about pho­to­gram­met­ry.

Good to remember when planning

In Fin­land pro­fes­sio­nal dro­ne ope­ra­tors have to be regis­te­red with Tra­ficom, the Fin­nish Trans­port and Com­mu­nica­tions Agency.  Key­fra­me is in Traficom’s RPAS ope­ra­tors’ list which gua­ran­tees that we are a res­pon­sible com­pa­ny with qua­li­ty equip­ment.

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