Aerial photography with drone cameras

Aerial photos and videos can be used to give a general idea of an area and to make locations and distances more clear. A drone guarantees brand new viewing angles and adds a cinematic feel to corporate videos by introducing the actual place from air. These images are popular with house builders, holiday and travel services.

As well as aerial photographs and videos, we provide building and roof inspections. We can film outdoor events with drones from a safe distance, avoiding flying above the audience.

We have drones in three sizes and each camera can record 4K resolution video and high-quality photographs. It is usually easier to comprehend large buildings and areas from air, and that’s why we use drones for almost every production. A drone can fly as high as 120 meters above ground.

Filming with drones for 360° panoramic video

It is possible to film 360° panorama videos and add them to a virtual tour. Thus the viewer is able to get a comprehensive picture of an area or a building since details can be done virtually.

The 3D models of buildings and areas done with drones

Good to remember when planning

In Finland professional drone operators have to be registered with Traficom, the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency.  Keyframe is in Traficom’s RPAS operators’ list which guarantees that we are a responsible company with quality equipment.

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