360° panoramic filming

We can create visually striking imagery with the 360° technique. A panoramic image wraps around the viewer and reaches a full vertical 180° viewing angle. Thus viewers can feel like they are inside the picture when they move it with a click of a mouse. This makes an image even more impressive.

Additional elements can be added so that the viewer is able to get more information on objects. Panoramic images are useful when introducing spaces and environments, guiding clients around or helping them locate services.

360° virtual tours and virtual spaces

By combining several panoramic rooms or spaces we can create a virtual tour where visitors are able to find a route by clicking floating circles. They can also open different functional elements like pictures or videos. We can also add moving people or objects, and music or sounds to the images

Instructional and teaching videos

Panoramic videos are used as instructional or teaching aids because they allow a more detailed look into the subject. For example health clubs and tourist destinations have used 360° filming for this purpose.

Street photography for the Google Street View map services

Can you find your address in the Google Street View service? If Google has not found your property and you would like it to be included, we can film and add the images to their listings. We have a Google approved camera and GPS equipment for that purpose. This is a good way to confirm the existence of an address in this useful service. Google also use this data when ranking your website.


Or should it be a video after all?

Our 8K resolution equipment help us to create 360° videos which can be viewed with smart phones, tablets, computers or VR headsets. The viewer can change the viewpoint by moving the mouse, or the device, or by moving one’s head

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